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Secrets (Yandere Sasuke x Mute Naruto) SasuNaru

Secrets (Yandere Sasuke x Mute Naruto) SasuNaru

26.5K Reads 1.2K Votes 38 Part Story
Heather By AwesomeYaoiNinja Updated Jan 18

Naruto is mute and it the first day of school. Naruto just wants to disappear and avoid unnecessary trouble at school. His past isn't the brightest. On the way to school he bumps into someone with attitude, Sasuke. 

 Everyone has their secrets but some secrets are meant to be buried especially ones that changes lives.

I do not own any of this characters! They belong to Masashi Kishimoto.  This story was previously called A stalker's love but I changed it because it didn't make sense.

grell-sutcliff123 grell-sutcliff123 9 hours ago
Possibly and most likely yandere and is a stalker....... Anyone else thinking of a curtain gray-sama loving water mage? Eh eh? Ok I'll shut up now and stop bothering everyone with my craziness.
KandaMaru KandaMaru Jan 14
That's fast! Sasuke! Crazy stalker creepy bastard but I'm still rooting for you.
I'm confused. Why are his vocals messed up? Does he sound like a kid? I still sound like a kid! 😆 Don't be ashamed Naruto! Believe it!