Naruto Headcanons

Naruto Headcanons

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Kumoriko曇り子 By Kumoriko Updated Nov 09

Tobirama will never admit it, not even in his death that he was jealous of Madara and Hashirama's friendship.

He was jealous because after being the only sibling left he knew Hashirama sometimes couldn't bare to look at him as it reminded him of what he lost.

He hated the fact it was a Uchiha who could make his brother laugh.

Who could make his brother happy and act like an actually child.

Arrexu Arrexu Nov 09
There's a more appropriate way to call someone a wore.  Namely prostitution. Ever heard of it? Cause I would really like to throw the word "whore" like Cristiano Ronaldo would do with his money
This is eerily similar to one of our Headcanons.
                              That Kakuzu was obsessed with money due to the poor state of his villar
nerdysenpai nerdysenpai Oct 21
Coincidentally, there's a book about deidara having a younger sister named Emiko.