You Are My Romeo

You Are My Romeo

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Astrid Hofferson has lived on Berserker island her whole life, and one day, she gets married to the heir of the Berserker throne. She eventually learns to love her new husband, but he travels a lot. And one day when he came home from the island Berk, he said that he was going to kill a Night Fury.

As the years passed on, Dagur talked about dragon riders and Dragon eyes and all of that. He even found his sister! But when Astrid is finally twenty, her husband goes on a quest to find something or someone, but as he does that, Astrid meets a mysterious and handsome man.

I do not own anything, all creeds to Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell! All of them look like they did in HTTYD 2 and Dagur looks like him from RTTE.

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I-I *vomits* *cries* whyyyy I have been vomiting since I heard those horrible words, why????😭😭😷😷
*gasp* astrid?? Sitting on a dragon bone throne ( that rhymed, but that's irrelevant at the moment)?!?! I hope it's not Nadder bones!!
TaddAMartin TaddAMartin May 21, 2017
I'm not gonna do it I'm not gonna do it ....... ( Vomiting noises ) I did it
heyitsthatonegirl27 heyitsthatonegirl27 Aug 21, 2016
                              EWWWWWW, cmon astrid and dagur?!! Astur? Dagstrid? NOOOOO! ARE U TRYING FO MAKE PEOPLE CRY, CAUSE ITS WORKING!!!!
heyitsthatonegirl27 heyitsthatonegirl27 Aug 21, 2016
I agree with astrid hiccup has really nice eyes!! DONT KILL ME!!
BorealisHL3 BorealisHL3 Jul 11, 2016
"Just a man, just a very... Bald man."- Col. Jack o'neill 1997