Waking Up (Killua x Reader) {COMPLETED}

Waking Up (Killua x Reader) {COMPLETED}

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Klance By Essencede Completed

Y/n had been with Gon and Killua through everything. The Hunter Exam, Greed Island, the Chimera Ants. But near the end of the battle with the chimera ants, Pitou attacks her and she falls into a coma.

After a year and a half, Gon decides to travel with his father for a couple of months. Killua can't stand to see y/n like that. So he focuses on Alluka and stops visiting.

Two months later, y/n wakes up and travels to find the boys.

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seoksmv seoksmv Feb 06
mine has like 16 and I paid around 800 US dollars for it ._. Oh if only anime/fan fiction logic follow through in real life...
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Bish my hair has always been long
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So you forgot about someone you like for your best friend?
                              I don't think you actually have a crush on me...
Griffin-kun Griffin-kun Dec 10, 2017
I saw nanika on youtube and I freaked out nanika"killua pat my head killua killua killua killua killua pat my head"killua "you cant come out any more nanika"nanika "i love killua I love killua I love killua"killua "you cant come out anymore not ever again never" nanika "*cries* ok"
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                              Ok sorry when thunder is not shutting up and there is no pauses that worries me
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Mine has 8 only 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭