Waking Up (Killua x Reader) {COMPLETED}

Waking Up (Killua x Reader) {COMPLETED}

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Gay Trash By Essencede Completed

Y/n had been with Gon and Killua through everything. The Hunter Exam, Greed Island, the Chimera Ants. But near the end of the battle with the chimera ants, Pitou attacks her and she falls into a coma.

After a year and a half, Gon decides to travel with his father for a couple of months. Killua can't stand to see y/n like that. So he focuses on Alluka and stops visiting.

Two months later, y/n wakes up and travels to find the boys.

weh_tuk_aa_chonce weh_tuk_aa_chonce Aug 10, 2016
F U C K  Y E S  FEAR ME BITCH *is actually a cinnamon roll but ok*
Happy_theexceed Happy_theexceed Oct 25, 2016
Ok, Ik this is for the sake of the story but like, how fücking specific that he wants to go THE smoothie shop
littleMrsKillua littleMrsKillua Aug 25, 2016
..... Wow.... HES NOT BEING A PEDO!!?!?!? I miss other hisoka now which is really weird T-T
vvip4life vvip4life Aug 01, 2016
I love Hisoka but I would actually try to avoid him....
                              Cuz he would probably kill me
JulyaXAnime JulyaXAnime Aug 07, 2016
I so want to hate hisoka right now, but, but, Y IS HE ACTING SO NICE!! LET ME HATE U!!
SweWolf SweWolf Jul 31, 2016
*spits out my tea I was drinking*
                              HISOKA?!?! Why doe?! T.T
                              Mom: what the hell?
                              Me: fanfic.....don't worry about it
                              Mom: you're weird....are you really my daughter?
                              Me: I'm starting to doubt it o.o