My Badboys Game

My Badboys Game

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Aimee(: By AimeeFerguson2 Updated Jan 23

"I've got you right where I want you and you're going to do as I say.." He says menacing "if you don't everyone will know your deepest secret 


Amelia has it all, big house, good grades, lovely family, supportive friends, lives next door to her schools bad boy. 

When their paths emerge, what will it bring at the end of the line?  


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samyyy1103 samyyy1103 Jan 16
Um... ok why are they learning about what I ate for dinner 🍴
Reese_362 Reese_362 Jan 29
Okay so they are either talking about KFC(food) or KFC(keep flip change.. in math)
derayne derayne Dec 30, 2016
Nah nah nah...u couldn't have called first like really nigga
amgormo amgormo Jan 28
I want KFC ha I haven't had it in like a year or two... that's really sad actually.. imma just sit here crying of fried chicken...
Mpatel9090 Mpatel9090 Jan 23
That's what my percentage do except they just leave and either tell my friends or just leaves cash and doesn't say anything
unknownspice unknownspice Dec 18, 2016
This is a great book. And I've recently posted the start of my book go read please