SasuNaru <3 (Alone with Sasuke)

SasuNaru <3 (Alone with Sasuke)

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Naruto was sitting alone by the Forest of Death still thinking about Sasuke. He rested his hands on his cheeks and sighed. He closed his eyes and the memory of him and Sasuke was still so clear. He felt Sasuke's arms around him, and his delicious soft lips against his. Naruto ached for Sasuke. He ached so bad he grabbed his heart. He re-opened his eyes and seen Sasuke standing in front of him leaning against a tree, smiling.

Naruto jumped up and ran to him. Sasuke caught Naruto in his arms.

"Woah!" Sasuke smirked. "What's the rush?"                                                                                                       

"I just couldn't wait to see you." Naruto quickly said out of breath.                                                                   

"Hmph. You see me everyday, Naruto." Sasuke said still smirking. Sasuke chuckled."Remember Sakura's face after that kiss?She didn't even know what was going on ...."                                                    ...