Scroll 1: The Demon Within

Scroll 1: The Demon Within

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Ruby Akuma By Red__Ruby Completed

A young girl who's as wild as my hair in the morning goes on a long journey. A girl who lost almost everything at the mere age of 8. A girl who uses way too many references. A girl who's hated throughout the village, but loved at the same time. A girl who has a demon Bijuu inside of her. 

'Who's this girl?' I hear you ask, because I'm a mind reader. Well, this girl is none other than Y/n Akuma of Konohagakure. The Akuma clan are feared throughout the five great nations and strike fear into the hearts of even the toughest, biggest, and baddest beings. Although, that's what people think. The truth is, they are the most peaceful ninja, not wanting war, hate, or disrespect.

They know when they should intimidate others, but not for fun. Well, please join Y/n's adventure at becoming the world's best demon ninja! 

(I own nothing!) (Everything and everyone belongs to their rightful owner!) (I only own the plot and my OC's!) (You own yourself!) (WARNING!!: Cursing, blood, gore, randomness.)

When you know what happens because you read everything a bunch of times ._.
my sister was reading this at the same time , but I read faster and got to the weenie part and burst out laughing while my sister looked at me like I was a monster XD
Kota-chan Kota-chan Jul 07
I didn't cry, but that's because this stuff doesn't really get to me.
It's so sad until the weenie part I was crying and laughing  at the same time
XD I love it. Though I'm not certain but I am 57% sure that it's Onee-Chan when referring to a female like that. I could be wrong though.
Lol I loved this story so much that I decided to re-read it ;3 props to Ruby-san!!!