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flower crowns and fit boys // phan

flower crowns and fit boys // phan

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hope By politeshowers Updated 4 days ago

phil loves flower crowns.
phil loves fit boys.

dan loves piercings.
dan loves pretty boys.

[pastel phil / punk dan]

                              S:like, the same!!
                              Me: I don't relate....
                              T:GET HER!!!!!
                              Me: AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Me:I'm leaving
                              Bro: she left...
                              Me: STAHP BRINGING IT UP!!!!!
                              Bro: 😗
JigglypuffProduction JigglypuffProduction Jun 19, 2016
her sadness behind and lived a happy life with little Daniel
TheMissingCarRadio TheMissingCarRadio Aug 27, 2016
Trevor (The Cat God) -inside joke but Trevor is my everything
I was reading and was like meh... Then I saw mature. *reads*
saltysdmn saltysdmn Jul 13, 2016
I don't like reading poems that much but I like writing them to help express my feelings. It's a good venting method.