Iero Twin Oneshots

Iero Twin Oneshots

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parker By tragician_child Updated Jan 27

Title says it all. Its just a bunch of Iero twin oneshots for you guys since there arent too many out there and of great quality.

SIDE NOTE: Because some people are twat waffles, I feel the need to explain for some reason that this is Frank and his fictional brother Anthony and of Cherry and Lily. I mean come the fuck on, seriously? How retarded can you be.

Smut and trigger warnings and stuff.

Is gerard getting old? Is MCR getting old? Is life getting old?
wrecklesswonder wrecklesswonder Mar 08, 2016
Id probably read anything you wrote. Just saying. You could write a 70 chapter book on a blade of grass named Megan and I'd read it. Multiple times. Haha...
shxttypunx shxttypunx Apr 10, 2016
Idk if youre planning nsfw but mayhaps one twin rides gerard while the other gets eaten out by G because i love sin?
littlereddaleks littlereddaleks Mar 06, 2016
Wattpadawans is awesome (I am a huge nerd) and you created it use it as much as you want
TwistedKneecap TwistedKneecap Mar 07, 2016
Some sort of weird, cute, Easter based one? Idk like an egg hunt or something ..I'm bad at ideas...
rejeanac rejeanac Apr 01, 2016
Maybe the band could not know that Frank has a twin, so they can't figure out why he's acting strange and playing differently