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Bullied by Thomas Sangster

Bullied by Thomas Sangster

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Hope💖 By hopeinthemaze Completed

Ugh I hate him. He thinks he rules the world. He thinks he should always pick on me. We are teenagers for gods sake! Can't he just grow up! Thomas Sangster is the thing at school. He's the stuck up rich snob who thinks he is so cool because of his exotic accent. 

Hi I'm Truth, And I'm 16. I hate high school it's such a hellhole. School doesn't work for everyone. Some people want to be creative and think outside the box, and do things that are actually going to be used in the rest of their life, but high school stops people or, at least me from exceeding my life goals! 

Now I have to ride out high school and wait for my life to begin. High school is full of things I never want to do in life but high school is what I have to get through first to get through life. I guess I've learned a lot more then most of the kids here like how to deal with bullies, and how to get through crappy day after crappy day. 

See you on the other side.

(Since Thomas is 25 and looks like a teenager, Thomas looks like he does now but he is going to be in high school in this story, also everyone in this story is not famous, even though they are famous in real life)

stuti_g stuti_g Jan 21
It rly hurts me to think Thomas as a bully tbh but this story is exciting
MistressMazeRunner MistressMazeRunner Dec 12, 2016
that sounded weird and i am sure i have read this before but oh well
- - Sep 27, 2016
i love this story but i can't imagine sweet innocent thomas being like this
ethanslaugh ethanslaugh Feb 11, 2016
They NEED to fall in love... I gotta say, I didn't think you would even put the word bitch in there... No offense...