Aura [One Piece Fanfiction]

Aura [One Piece Fanfiction]

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Erica By llthecosmosll Updated Jan 10

"If only you were made of rubber, I would've stretched that frown into a smile."

Monkey D. Luffy's dream is to be the King of Pirates.

Voltaire Keira is there to make sure that Luffy doesn't get killed along the way.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything (plot, characters, pics, vids, etc.) except my OC.

This is my first fanfic so please take it easy on me if you spot grammatical errors or something wrong with the plot and I will try my best to fix them.

redmoon14 redmoon14 Sep 14, 2016
Ok I just have to say this. Your awesome! You put my name in this book as the main character, spelled my name the same, AND that's my basic description other than the eyes. THANK YOU!!😢
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ Aug 27, 2016
... wow, random pirate... your imaginations are... a little to... ._.
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ Aug 27, 2016
unless they're the Akagami, Mugiwara, Shirohige, etc.
                              Well, if they're mad, may god have mercy on you.
Bloodspill101 Bloodspill101 Nov 26, 2016
Is it just me or does this six year old sound like she's twenty
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ Aug 27, 2016
I read that as 'We're the cool guys!' But hey, they're both, right?