Star Wars Imagines and Preferences

Star Wars Imagines and Preferences

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HIATUS By Star_Wars_Fangirl_ Updated Aug 02

Welcome to your own little world of imagination! *Spongebob saying imagination in the backround*

In this book, I'll be taking requests. I will let you know when requests are closed! So far, they are open :3

I will be doing these characters:
•Anakin Skywalker 
•Han Solo
•Luke Skywalker 
•Obi-Wan Kenobi
•Poe Dameron 

All of these will be in alphabetical order so I can stay organized. If you have a request and you want it done before the character it comes after, you will have to wait. 

Everything must be kept G, PG, or PG-13. No R rated stuff or X rated. 
I will do fluff, and a few making out scenes but that's about as far as I'll go. 


Write a part 3 of "His Path" and maybe add in a new character  such as another child.
space-buns space-buns Feb 28, 2016
OKAY REQUEST: ANYTHING WITH OBI WAN. And the reader is a pilot of the republic. Bam okay. Yeah.
                              I got really excited when I got this notification.
booklover311921 booklover311921 Apr 02, 2016
Obi-Wan: wedding proposal. Both are Jedi. Rly don't care about details u come up with.
AllyssaYoung2 AllyssaYoung2 Dec 19, 2016
Can you do one of Wedge Antilles where  his girlfriend is on the squadron and it is on the battle of endor and Han Solo is her older brother
May I make a request for a Kit Fisto x daughter/Padawan Reader please...? Just some small moments like when he first finds (Y/N), watching her grow up, becoming her master, etc.
                              Sorry to pester you...
SWLover SWLover Mar 24, 2016
Luke Skywalker,  the reader is a girl that likes to wear black with long sleeves and she is strong with the force, Luke knows that she is strong with the force,  but she does not. They both have feelings for each other,  but none of them ever knew that.