Young Justice ↯ One-Shots

Young Justice ↯ One-Shots

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McShitty By -wxnder- Updated Aug 13

"While I was on ice you found another Roy Harper, the sidekicks formed their own team, aliens invaded the Earth, and Ollie grew that Dobie goatee?"

   "We try not to call ourselves sidekicks."

   "You don't like the goatee?"

   [a young justice x reader series]

   began ; 030616
   completed ; n.a

So IDK if I'll ever read this book, but how did you make the cover?! It's fabulous and I would love to make something like that.
Okay I got another great idea, you should do Harry Potter one shot of dick Grayson and reader
                              It's the time of the yule ball and he wants to ask y/n but doesn't know how so Wally and him ask the Weasley twins and the whole gang goes together like Spitfire and Supermartian
Icicle Jr. x fem!reader where reader has a cold (ironic, I know) and calls I.Jr., but he is fighting the Justice League. So, he tries to Deadpool, talk his way, out of the fight and kind of makes a fool of himself just so he can take care of reader. I love this book so much!
Is it okay if I can private message my submission?
                              I'd like the one shot to be s surprise for your readers and it is really feelsy 😅
I only understood six of those, but I'm assuming the last one is also some variation of "Hello"
-wxnder- -wxnder- Jan 17
@Toxicfoxr I can't reply to your message unfortunately but I am happy to write it!