The Remembrance of Love ✔(#1 of ICO Series)

The Remembrance of Love ✔(#1 of ICO Series)

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Being an army officer is hard, and it's only a strong hearted and patriotic man's profession. But being an army officer's wife is even harder and emotionally draining. And it gets even harder when the husband, the army officer dies after just few years of marriage, doing his duty to the nation at the battlefield.

This short story is of a young woman, who lost her husband in an army battle, with the regret of never confessing her love to him. But a letter from her husband, that he had written to her, keeping his death in mind, make her realise the extent of their love, which neither of them ever spoke out loud.

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snarsaria snarsaria Mar 09
Whenever I start to read this story, I always end up crying. This is your 'the best' story!
This is just so sad. This pain would be so bear an agony of never being able to know someone love someone but Never getting the chance to be together....
joyreadin joyreadin Oct 11, 2016
I didn't read the story instead felt the story. Filled my eyes with tears.
- - Feb 11, 2016
True, but the death of our loved ones has been always a hard thing to digest. Memories makes us smile as well as kills day by day slowly. Always the same memory makes us live everyday also. That is the power of love.
darlingann darlingann Feb 11, 2016
Ur such an awesome writer .. this chpt is so emotional .. keep up the good work
smiley020 smiley020 May 16, 2016
Beautiful story.. Can't even Imagine the life of an army the way he sacrifices everything to just serve their nation and their families who misses them a lot but bear it with a smile.. Just hats off to them for going through all this..   Great concept :)