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Malec Short Stories

Malec Short Stories

27.5K Reads 1.1K Votes 12 Part Story
clockworkcellist By clockworkcellist Updated Apr 22, 2016

"You bring this...colour, into my life. 
And I wouldn't trade the world for it. 
Will you, Alexander Lightwood, be mine?
Will you marry me?..."

• get ready for fluff beyond compare
• beware, if you cannot handle the fluff, tears may leak from your eye sockets.
• otherwise, get ready for cinnamon rolls!

clockworkcellist clockworkcellist Feb 18, 2016
I'm so glad you love it so much! I'm sorry you cried though 😂😘 thanks love xx @LittleMissNumpty
LittleMissNumpty LittleMissNumpty Feb 17, 2016
I have no idea how this book is not more popular or famous because it should be! I blame you for making me cry! Oh my godd it was sooooo beautiful and cute. I'm having a feel overload!!!!!1
AshleyAMAluv AshleyAMAluv Apr 21, 2016
Tears. I still remember the time, book and quote when Magnus first said that to him. It's my home screen after all
KatBroadway KatBroadway Mar 17, 2016
Oh, that was so adorable, I haven't read... I haven't anything that's been this adorable. It's just too cute!!!
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler Jun 15, 2016
                              I am a dead man with all these feels. Pray for me.
suga_infires_my_jams suga_infires_my_jams Jun 12, 2016
I...I what have you done to me I don't have emotions I am soulless SO WHY AM I CRYING AND GRINNING LIKE A MAD MAN WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS!?!