Steamy Nights in Inreland (Previously 30 Steamy Nights)

Steamy Nights in Inreland (Previously 30 Steamy Nights)

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Turtle M. By SexyBrain08 Updated Jun 15, 2013

"Toni, get your ass up now and get dressed." Breanna Yells

Toni was in a sad depressing state. She felt like the world wanted to fall on her and hated her with a passion. She wasn't alone, she has her best friend but other than that she was alone in the world. An only child with no family still alive.

"Get up now I'm serious. We're going to Ireland."

"Yay leprechauns." Toni said trying to be serious.

"Get up our flight leaves in like three hours.

"Not packed."

"The maid did it I called her last night."

"You are serious aren't you? How do you expect me to work?"

"On your laptop like you always do." Bre rolled her eyes

"I hate you right now."

"I know get up I'm sick of you sulking I need my best friend. Now we are going to Ireland to explore and get drunk and sleep with whoever the hell we want."

"Were no hoes."

"That's the beauty of it we can be and no one will ever know." Bre smiled

"No... we really couldn't it's not in our nature dear. Fine then I will get up but know I a...

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Ew that's my little brothers name I can't read this part anymore