Meow, Mommy

Meow, Mommy

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Mistress By AdressMeAsMommy Updated Jul 25

Warning: Lesbian, graphic, kinky, smut, nekos, triggering kind of 

Mary is a lonely 23 year old women living alone in New York City who only wants love and doesn't care who or what its from. 

One stormy night as she's walking home she sees a wet cardboard box with the words 'Adopt me' written on it.

When Mary looked inside she saw a shivering little beautiful neko names Caroline.

Mary takes her home and gives her a bath to make sure she wouldn't get sick but what happens when Caroline starts taking a liking to the stranger that saved her in the rain.

And what happens when Caroline goes into heat around Mary.

Read and find it......#spown

- - Feb 19
Kinda felt like I had everything thrown at me all at once. Still hot and interesting though.
As I am reading this my neighbours cat is just narrowing her eyes at me. No joke