Kisses Like Snowflakes ~ A Spencer Reid Fan Fic

Kisses Like Snowflakes ~ A Spencer Reid Fan Fic

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Sarah Rose By theatrenerd2017 Completed

Allie Gates: Pretty, popular, and wickedly smart. Spencer Reid: Socially awkward, child prodigy, and certified genius. Best friends in high school, until Spencer has to go to college at only 12, leaving Allie behind.

20 years later, Allie is promoted to the BAU with no knowing who her team will consist of. What she doesn't expect is to be teamed up with her old friend, who is now known as Dr. Spencer Reid.

With their friendship quickly reestablished, they work together with the rest of the team to solve whatever cases the BAU throws at them. As time goes on, emotions get in the way, leaving Allie confused on whether she can blur the line between friends and lovers.

When a dangerous unsub comes in contact with the BAU, and Allie's found in the middle, will her genius in shining armor save her or be too late to help? Based on the television show Criminal Minds. 

 Cover by @1D_London_xx

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babesboo babesboo Sep 28, 2017
I thought that said Argent Allison and in my mind I said Allison Argent and I had to re-read it because I was so confused
mariecries mariecries May 02, 2017
omg finally! a fan fic where the girl is older than the guy! i absolutely despise the fact that many fan fic's have the guy being like 7+ years older. IRL most girls are older than their boyfriends. I was almost a year and ten months older than my last boyfriend
MaliaWinchester02 MaliaWinchester02 Jul 16, 2017
His last name reminds me of the Robin Williams movie with the slime that was alive WHAT IS THAT MOVIE CALLED
roytheboi roytheboi Oct 30, 2017
Yeah, I mean, she's like 2 years older than her
                              That's really not that much
M00ny__ M00ny__ Jul 06, 2017
I don't see why people find it weird that the girl is older than the guy. I mean, it's just 2 years! 
                              I , personally, don't mind at all😂❤️
iwbne_ iwbne_ Jan 30, 2017
offically gonna have the upper half of my arm as a tattoo lEtS gO