Speed Of Sound SonicxLONG reader OPM -New City

Speed Of Sound SonicxLONG reader OPM -New City

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qυeen yaѕнιe By Poptart_Monster26 Updated Jul 22

You are a hero transferring cities bored and of need of more work. You never really cared for friends let alone a lover, so your life was simple. Being the quiet, calm and understanding type, someone seems to have caught feelings for you without knowing it.

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•Strong language

☆There ARE going to errors such as spelling and placement within this xreader. This IS my first xreader so like...no perfection here.

wtf_fangirl wtf_fangirl May 05
Bro:Fake cries. As soon as you completely left he trows a party or celebrates by himself XD
But it seemed a lot nicer on the brochure. Then again. It's nice to have some peace and quiet... 
                              It's nice to have some quiet...
XxLovliexX XxLovliexX Apr 05
                              Lol........... Brother"s
XxLovliexX XxLovliexX Apr 05
Ready yes no? 
                              Nah bruh. I'm just gonna go to the truck because why not but nah I'm not ready
kitty-neko kitty-neko Nov 15, 2016
Damn I haven't watched one punch man I a long time I thought his cape was red