Tough Love

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UnwrittenPoetry By UnwrittenPoetry Updated 3 years ago
Emma is a an Orphan, her parents were killed when she was younger so she was shipped off to an orphanage. Alone and separated from her pack Emma grows up as a rouge being bounced between foster homes and orphanages. When she was moved into a certain Orphanage she met a boy named Chase (also a werewolf), who shortly became her best friend. A year later they were split apart when Emma was shipped off to another foster home. Four years later Emma is now a senior and attending a local High school next to her orphanage. This is her last year of being stuck at an orphanage and she’s determined to make this last year count. She meets the Alpha’s son, Daniel who she is constantly fighting with, but secretly likes him. But when Chase is shipped across country to live in the same Orphanage as Emma, she’s faced with a huge dilemma. In a world without mates, who will she pick? Or will it be neither of them?
upload soon it  good story!! XD