Koneko X Male Reader

Koneko X Male Reader

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Kaden Hugie By TheJuniorMint Updated May 16, 2016

Ok my peeps welcome to a story that was requested recently by jason12346 and I hope that this story pleases what you like in my stories and what he wanted. So without further interuption lets get started.
It was the dark of night outside your house. Nothing but dead silence surrounds you as well as the tangible mist blinding your feild of vision.

stumbling forward you relize where you are.Your in the nightmare that has plagued your mind since you were three years of age. 

You stop dead in your tracks not wanting to go any further. You knew how this dream ended and it always almost ended with you about to die

But you somehow always managed to wake up. You were thinking of a way to wake up when....click. Click, click, BANG!

Scared out of your mind you sprint forward eager to get out of this hellish nightmare.

You knew that clicking sound all to well. And all you wanted was to get the hell away

Panting heavily you stop and catch your breath. But you hear that ...

g_nooo g_nooo Mar 07, 2016
Usually when I'm around my crush I don't really stutter but if they ask me something I'll just give them a small smile and look around nervously
Soundsufind33 Soundsufind33 Nov 16, 2016
Sound: "(ಠ ͟ʖಠ)The author is crazy"
                              Black Goku: "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)But boobies are my favorite thing to squeeze at night"
                              Author: "I like how you think maybe we can squeeze boobs at night together?"
                              Black: "Why not"
                              Sound: "You to fuckin already"
TheJuniorMint TheJuniorMint Feb 17, 2016
That would cool to see. Got any marshmallows for afterwards?
SokySergent SokySergent Oct 12, 2016
Imagine if Onision actually said that instead of "boob squeeze"
Shadow1022 Shadow1022 May 28, 2016
Is he going to take off my shirt and look at my mark oh no # busted
TheJuniorMint TheJuniorMint Mar 07, 2016
Yeah but a guy requested this on deviant art asked for the stutter shyness