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The Broken Mates ✔

The Broken Mates ✔

3.5M Reads 107K Votes 50 Part Story
Sinister Sociopath By KartierKlass Completed

#6 Highest Ranking In Werewolf 8/22/2016

*Previously titled "Theseus"

*Short Chapters


Theseus Alistair Cage.

Being the youngest Alpha of the most powerful pack is quite a title, isn't it? He was feared by others, hated by much more because of his immense power. He was just unstoppable; an unstoppable hot hunk.

At the age of twenty-one, he became number Uno with the snap his fingers. And it was all because of anger. 

Anger because he was broken; just like his mate.

Beatrix Eleanor Pierce was the abnegation of her pack. The only love she knew was from her brother, Balthazar, and her wolf, Aiyanna. They were the only ones that kept her going, made her think positive in such a terrible world of cruelty. But at some point, her pack becomes the unlucky ones to feel the wrath of Alpha Cage. 

Theseus could've killed her with the snap of his fingers. But he didn't. No, he knew in the moment their eyes met, he knew she was his destiny. He knew he could fix her, and she could fix him.

Because they were The Broken Mates.


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noceck noceck Apr 13
This book is far from common and cliché.  This was an amazing story and one of my favorites i have found on wattpad.  Keep up the great work😘
wallofglass wallofglass Apr 23
constructive criticism is the only way you're gonna get better bro, i understand there's a line between the two but you can't expect everyone to love your book, criticism is the way to improve
                              (Japanese Movie)
34claire 34claire Jun 19
I'm really excited to read your book!! Good excited. Not a bad excited
belove178 belove178 Jun 27
Can someone find the name of the movie please I really want to watch it now 😊
idrkbuthi idrkbuthi Jun 29
i read one of you other books and i read like the first two paragraphs of this and do not understand how someone could criticize your writing