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Night Thief

Night Thief

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Alice Wonderland By AliceW12346 Updated Jan 30

Highest Rank: #1 in Action
Cover by: @victori-
"You're quite expensive for a thief." He whispered back. 
"That's cause I'm the best." I looped my fingers through his belt, pulling him flush against me.
"Are you?" 
"At everything I do." I whispered huskily glancing at his lips with a smile as I brought up my hand up to his view. His leather wallet sat in between my fingers. 


"Hey there munchkin, how's the kids?" I asked loudly, propping my chin on my hand with a large smile. He scowled at me which only made my grin widen. "Oh, and don't bother pulling that gun out, basically everyone is watching the big bad wolf, and their phones are on speed dial, just waiting for you to huff and puff." His scowl deepened as he looked around, noticing for the first time everyone watching him. He slowly pulled his hand out of his pocket. "So what can I do for you, Johnny?" I said imitating a gangster boss and leaning back on the chair, resting my hands on my belly. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. 


Avaline Jones is the best thief in the business. There's nothing she can't steal. According to the FBI, she doesn't exist. She's the best at what she does and nothing can stop her, not even the most intricate security in the world. 

Hayden Knight is the leader of the SilverKnives. Tall and brooding, intense but has the libido of a teenage boy. As sexy as he is ambitious, his current goal is to break into the most secured museum in the world. 

When these two come across each other, what will they find out?

BoomerT2016 BoomerT2016 May 24
oh my!! Hayabusa... dang!! fastest bike in the world. bloody beautiful too... I think hayabusa means Falcon...
Finally something realistic! That's me in the mornings btw xD
DavidH429 DavidH429 Oct 29, 2016
I'm desperate for followers so if you follow me I will follow back.
CaptainHookCorner CaptainHookCorner Nov 02, 2016
Uh, her hair doesn't fall off with so many dyes?? 😂😂 a wig would be easier
SillyHaley SillyHaley Nov 30, 2016
Seriously, that poor hair...temporary or not, it still does damage.
MClementine MClementine Feb 28
Who could possibly be this good at driving while also having an awesome ride?! 😲