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Fangirl | L.H

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jazliene By GimmeTheHemmings Updated Oct 09

11:06 am

Luke Hemmings followed you.

@lankyluke16: Holy shit

@lankyluke16: OH MY GOD

@lankyluke16: LUEK

@lankyluke16: Yeah ignore me thats fine

@lankyluke16: Permission to touch the booty 👋

@Luke5sos: Permission Granted 

@lankyluke16: okay sorry i just threw my phone across the world becAUSE YOU FUCKING REPLIED HOLY BITCH

@Luke5sos: :-) 

@lankyluke16: the nose, no not the nose who puts noses on smiley faces? Like everyone already said, thats weird.

@Luke5sos: :'-(

@lankyluke16: no babe dont cry (A/n Craft) IM SORRY LUCAS

@Luke5sos: Thats not my name

@lankyluke16: okay Penguin Boy

@Luke5sos: That's better :-)

@Luke5sos: Whats your name girly?

@lankyluke16: Wow yeah thats fine its completely fine to rip my heart out

@lankyluke16: Savannahs the name bruh


@lankyluke16: well....are we gonna play or what?

@Luke5sos: okay fine, how old are you

@lankyluke16: 18, 19 next month. How tall are you?

@Luke5sos: 6'4" Whats your name?


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