Black & White (BillDip)

Black & White (BillDip)

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KEM By IrishGoth Updated Mar 02, 2016

What if Dipper were secretly colorblind?

 Now I don't know how colorblindness works in humans since some people who are "colorblind" do perceive color... just not the right colors. Because of this I'm doing "dog style" colorblind because dog's see in black & white.... and that's how Dipper sees the world!


MemeUndertaleTrash MemeUndertaleTrash Nov 14, 2016
I'm partly colourblind but it's where I see some colours as other colours
xxReaGamerCrossxx xxReaGamerCrossxx Aug 20, 2016
My great grandpa was color blind and could only see black and white and different shades of grey .
Actually dogs can only see in blue and yellow and in the middle is the gray color we  as black and white.
SnarkyYaoiLover SnarkyYaoiLover Jul 03, 2016
Uh…dogs can see color. Just not certain ones, like greens and shades of red.  They see Blue and Yellow, as well as Purple! :)
As long as I know this is some kind of super rare colorblindness
flashfire345 flashfire345 Jul 01, 2016
Uh Idk when this was made but dogs do see colors just not all the ones we see