Not Your Type

Not Your Type

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ⒶⓈⒽ™ By AshleyT7 Updated Jul 14, 2016

"You're my type, Ro," He leaned in closer towards me, giving me one of his devilish side smiles. If it wasn't for my hate towards him, I would surely be shivering from his husky voice now.

I crossed my arms over my chest, and huffed. "Define type."

"Hmm," He tapped his index finger on his chin, pretending to be thinking. "Easy girls just like you."

I give him a sweet smile, resisting from giving him the middle finger. "I'm sorry to ruin your dreams, but I'm not your type."

"Yes , you are. That big hole between your legs proves it," He narrowed his eyes at me. I gasped and slapped him over the face.

"Big hole? Excuse me! You're the one who blunt his little buddy by introducing it in girl's little holes," I huffed, and turned around. I walked away, leaving him in the middle of the street, his mouth agape.

Robin: 1 - Colton: 0
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WARNING: Typos, Grammars, and Spelling Mistakes 
(Will be fixed when the book is finished)

Contains Strong Language

Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Credit goes to @ICorruptedMindsI for the idea and help

Cover by @queenofpizzas-

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maiok101 maiok101 Mar 12, 2016
So... He has füćked every girl in the school... Except one? That doesn't sound possible?
- - Aug 08, 2016
MY NAME IS ROBYN; sorry couldn't help myself. It's not everyday I see that name pop up on the screen.
ICorruptedMindsI ICorruptedMindsI Feb 10, 2016
Haha....I'm really excited to read it! Good luck with it, Agent Ash! ...The names were the hardest to find....IT'S LIKE NAMING YOUR CHILD! It's true, though... Lol 😂😂 Anyways, good luck with it!! I can't wait for the first chapter! :)
EdgarPie EdgarPie Feb 13, 2016
Why there should always be Fracisco Lachowski as the bad boy??? :'( HE CAN'T BE THAT BAD!
j_script13 j_script13 Feb 10, 2016
Its amazing. I'm so excited! Your a amazing writer and can't wait to read this.❤❤❤❤❤❤
GreekGeekMads GreekGeekMads Jun 26, 2016
I didn't realize this was written by @AshleyT7 when I did I gasped and did a happy dance knowing this book would be good