My Fallen Angel (Juuzou Suzuya X Reader)

My Fallen Angel (Juuzou Suzuya X Reader)

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BKM By Bakamono_dearu Completed

An angel is often described as a pure being clad in white. They are spiritual beings superior to humans in power and intelligence. I met my angel not in the afterlife but in this harsh and cruel world.

Brute. Childish. Irrational. Rash.

That is my angel.

He might have this negative aspects but one fact would always remain: He saved me from my own personal hell.

(Bakamono: Tokyo Ghoul is not mine. Juuzou is not mine. You are not mine.

But I do owe the plot.)

  • acceptance
  • angst
  • comedy
  • destiny
  • fate
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SupImLucid SupImLucid Oct 12, 2017
Omfg me everyday. Oh whats that? Ive seen peoples heads get chopped off? Pfft dont worry! It's totally normal! Wait... It's not?
Bruh those are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in my life so stfu
Well you play video games together and then move onto anime and otaku stuff-
                              Whoops never mind that's all in my dreams haha
Solekilta Solekilta 2 days ago
Dactor uhh i think im fine on the meds you gave me i dont need more😹
Endeavor the bitch oh well Shoto is mah bro now
                              Whoops wrong fandom
You told me to get out of bed dammit. Not you exactly but yeah