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My Fallen Angel (Juuzou Suzuya X Reader)

My Fallen Angel (Juuzou Suzuya X Reader)

16.7K Reads 951 Votes 9 Part Story
Bakamono Isnear By Bakamono_dearu Completed

An angel is often described as a pure being clad in white. They are spiritual beings superior to humans in power and intelligence. I met my angel not in the afterlife but in this harsh and cruel world.

Brute. Childish. Irrational. Rash.

That is my angel.

He might have this negative aspects but one fact would always remain: He saved me from my own personal hell.

(Bakamono: Tokyo Ghoul is not mine. Juuzou is not mine. You are not mine.

But I do owe the plot.)

kitty-neko kitty-neko Jan 14
And I sometimes think I'm a magical unicorn that poops out jellybeans
DabforJesus DabforJesus Jan 05
I'm gonna forget the fact that I'm boutta be eaten and go ahead and say thAT THIS GUYS GRAMMAR SUCKS HARDER THAN MONICA LEWINSKY
                              Me: wrong anime ash...wrong one
                              Ash: *points at me* IMPURE!
Isn't that a bit stalkerish? No matter what it is, it's still cool!
X3 finally, someone speaks as irrationally as me
                              My friend asked my what the weather was, and we ended up talking about pigeons
Anyone else?:
                              I would complete ignore the fact that he was about to kill me, and scold him on his improper grammer. 
                              Grammer TRUMPS all.
                              I'm sorry... ill....leave...