Fate Smiles on My Alpha (Book 1 of the Fate Series) - Completed

Fate Smiles on My Alpha (Book 1 of the Fate Series) - Completed

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Josephine Castillo- Nuñez By JosephineCastillo-Nu Completed

Just when he thought he had the most out of his life - a career as a doctor and alpha lupus to a strong pack in the west.  Keegan Lucas is still missing the one thing that would make his life complete, he needed his Luna.

Queran Mosely was on the run.  After the assassination of her father and alpha, she escaped with her mom only to be found.  A fatal collision killed her assassin but left her dying on the side of the road. Tanner Corbin, Keegan's Beta, was her savior.

At the hospital, Keegan was the attending doctor at the ER and fate smiles on the alpha.  He found his mate.  Except, she's human and she is dying.

2013 COPYRIGHT (Josephine)

Reader's Reviews:

From Ndiyah -"One of the best stories on the net.  Great reads are hard to come by and this is one of the great ones. You don't make your reader wait forever for updates."

From Lost_In_The_Echoes - " I absolutely adore your story! it is by far the best werewolf one I've read."

From kjtesber - I just read chapter 1 and oh it's perfectly worth following whatt will happen next."

From ColorMeCake  - "I am completely in love with this story.  You are a wonderful writer with wonderful update timing."

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waifutails waifutails May 17
I found your restricted chapter book before reading the story and I read it and it was so well done that I'm now going to read the full books for it !!! Your a great writer be proud :)
JosephineCastillo-Nu JosephineCastillo-Nu Dec 26, 2016
Sorry storyy was a long time ago so picture was taken down I guess
devilslastcry devilslastcry Jul 11, 2014
yeah. your book really deserve one. Is Tanner's story will be the sequel?
JosephineCastillo-Nu JosephineCastillo-Nu Jul 10, 2014
@devilslastcry  Thank you. Your comment just made my day. After I am finished with the sequel I am submitting it to a publisher.
Buffyy Buffyy Oct 24, 2013
It says that she is human, but her dad is the alpha. Maybe he thinks she's a human and will later find out that she is not. Great synopsis. Can't wait to read this.
I_Am_Jamie_26 I_Am_Jamie_26 Jul 03, 2013
Your story is amazing ... I hope you will update soon ... --- Jamie :)