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"S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up.

"W-w-why?" He replied with as smirk plastered on his face, mocking her.

"M-move back, o-or I'll scream."

A crazed laugh escapes his lips as her body is trapped between his and the wall. 

"Do you always stutter your sentences love? Or is it simply because you're in the presence of a ruthless psychopath?"


• Psychosis: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality •


© exquisiteheart 2016
No copyright intended.

Warning: This book will contain psychological issues, drugs/alcohol abuse, swearing, graphic violence and physical abuse. Please refrain from reading if uncomfortable with any of the above.

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None of it bothers me at all idk why people get mad I don’t I just love reading period so nothing bothers me! Plus I look for abuse stories anyways lol
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Aug 23
this book sounds genuinely interesting so even if the character comes off as annoying, i'll still keep reading...or maybe not, who knows?
I can get through this. *breathes in roughly* okay, I'm ready.
EmmaSofia45 EmmaSofia45 Oct 22
i really liked this book. if someone is actually reading this then please read my horror stories and comment to see how i can improve them! i love this one!
I was thinking he got butthurt. And stuttered even harder then she did. 😂💀