my bad boy ; king miller

my bad boy ; king miller

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!!!title change from bad boy to my bad boy!!!

King Miller, (@iamkingmiller) 15, bad boy, not a virgin. He has at least 10 different hoes on him every second of the day, and he's always in the principals office for doing dumb shit. He has a girlfriend Selena. He cheated on her with 20 different girls. Selena's the popular bitch. She cheats on King. But, King doesn't know.

Noelle Banks (@wolftyla) 15, virgin. She's always getting into fights, she's only known for being the best fighter in the school. She's never had a boyfriend, she doesn't know a thing about love, but when she meets King will that change?

tweetasm tweetasm Jun 17
Nah she too focused on finding the right key/tone to yell in lmaooooo
og_breezy og_breezy Feb 11, 2016
If your expecting a fight don't wear white when you read that it rhymes😂😂
fytb_S fytb_S Dec 14, 2016
Yall ova here hatin on ha outfit but her clothes prolly cost mo than yo whole life 😖💯😊
- - Feb 11, 2016
ok , ok i c wht we working with now all u gotta do is keep going . Thanks hugs n kisses boo
Forverlovely1211 Forverlovely1211 Mar 14, 2016
Bruhh you aren't supposed to wear adidas Nike and Jordan altogether like that's a disgrace. But I would let Nike and Jordan slide but Nike and adidas or Jordan and adidas are such a disgrace..smh...😑😐😩😫😱