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Naruto Tales: The Next Uchiha | SasuSaku, NaruHina, InoShikaTema, NejiTen +

Naruto Tales: The Next Uchiha | SasuSaku, NaruHina, InoShikaTema, NejiTen +

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Kristina Chia By shewillbelooved Completed

8 Hidden Love Stories, all in one unexpected plot twist.                   

Sakura is hunted by the invitation of working for the Akatsuki that can change her life forever.  We all know the rumors of Uchiha Sasuke lingering in town, but the question is--what does a rogue ninja want?  The struggle of Naruto begins as a dark force brings peril into the Hidden Leaf, targeting a certain someone who would later take possession of his Crystal Necklace. Hinata is weak, Hinata has a silent voice but can she truly survive the stakes of the risks she and Naruto has taken?

"The Next Uchiha is honestly one of the top three best Sasusaku stories I've read in wattpad! Amazing & complex story plot which really touched my heart. Will be waiting for the sequel!"  
 - @Kikaraaa, Author of Worth a Penny

  "The Next Uchiha is the best of Naruto Tales, that makes you laugh, cry, and most of all, feel."    
- @Kit_Katzzz, author of Left Untouched & Blood      

"One of a kind story. It gets interesting on each chapter. It's one of those that would make you cry and laugh with each character, makes you mad to the their enemies. Overall, it brings your emotion as a reader. And to top it all? It's a SasuSaku fic!"
-  @Snowrabbit, author of Tightrope

★ @AnimeWattyAwards 2014 2nd Place: Naruto ★
✰ @NarutoWattyAwards Summer 2014 3rd Place: General Naruto ✰
✷ @NarutoWattys 2014 1st Place: General Naruto ✷

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ErzaScarlet0120 ErzaScarlet0120 Jul 08, 2016
Nope, I'm pretty much used to most SasuSaku stories with Karin as a slut
nerd-in-disguise nerd-in-disguise Aug 09, 2016
My sis introduced me, I didn't get at first since I was like 6 but noooowww I'm pretty much obsessed
5-stepsahead 5-stepsahead Apr 27, 2016
I like how the cover has all those couples and then there's Kiba (U・ω・U)
DatBoiBeRollin DatBoiBeRollin Oct 02, 2016
My dad introduced me to Naruto. My sister is proud of her flat chest
- - May 06, 2016
Okay, @SasuSakuSaraUchiha I haven't found ya in this story yet!
14wolfgirl14 14wolfgirl14 Mar 19, 2016
I hated both at first but I think their so sweet towards the end