Preppy Boy (Interracial, BoyXBoy)

Preppy Boy (Interracial, BoyXBoy)

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W. J. Star By whitney-star Updated Mar 25

Preppy (noun, adjective): A ​young ​person from a ​rich ​family who goes to an ​expensive ​school and who ​wears ​expensive, ​tidy ​clothes ( Cambridge Dictionaries Online).

Nicholas Jermain Preston is a black young man in Richmond High School and in contrary to most prejudice around, he is neither a drug dealer nor a thug. He is intelligent, athletic and open minded. To receive either an academic or athletic scholarship for a good college is all he wish for. He wants to make something out of himself and not be part of any negative statistic.

Blaine Niles Buckley is a student in the prestigious Saint Edmunds Academy. He is from old money, very well spoken and comes from a long line of aristocrats. He might come off as lightly snobbish and cold.

The say opposites attract. If that is true then I guess we might have the right ingredients. He is white and I'm black. He is from old money and I am from the middle class. We are both boys so that must be a hell of a recipe for falling in love right? Follow these young people as they deal with fear, rejections, prejudices, pain, heartbreak and love.

**Frequent updates so give it a chance!

Disclaimer: This book is about the love story of two boys. It will later contain mature content!

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eupsylone eupsylone Dec 13, 2017
incroyable!!franchement : bravo!! votre histoire n'ai ni trop ni pas assez; c'est juste parfait. c'est parfaitement bien écrit, vous avez beaucoup de talent, merci. je vais dévorée la suite.....
It’s like he’s telling us the story of a past love 💔 sorry I grew up with Disney movies I need a happy ending
dabit1234 dabit1234 Jul 20, 2017
I mixed and some people think it's not hard being mixed which I'll admit not as bad but we still go through the racial discriminations
--Blossom_Queen --Blossom_Queen Dec 19, 2017
Alright I'm feeling this story 👏👏👏👏🙄🙄🙄🙄
Solanaislife Solanaislife Dec 19, 2017
What an interesting turn of events and by that I mean you're suddenly gay for Blaine 😍
But you will be graciously dicked  down by Nicholas also sweetheart 😘😘