Preppy Boy (Interracial, BoyXBoy)

Preppy Boy (Interracial, BoyXBoy)

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W. J. Star By whitney-star Updated Jun 06

Preppy (noun, adjective): A ​young ​person from a ​rich ​family who goes to an ​expensive ​school and who ​wears ​expensive, ​tidy ​clothes ( Cambridge Dictionaries Online).

Nicholas Jermain Preston is a black young man in Richmond High School and in contrary to most prejudice around, he is neither a drug dealer nor a thug. He is intelligent, athletic and open minded. To receive either an academic or athletic scholarship for a good college is all he wish for. He wants to make something out of himself and not be part of any negative statistic.

Blaine Niles Buckley is a student in the prestigious Saint Edmunds Academy. He is from old money, very well spoken and comes from a long line of aristocrats. He might come off as lightly snobbish and cold.

The say opposites attract. If that is true then I guess we might have the right ingredients. He is white and I'm black. He is from old money and I am from the middle class. We are both boys so that must be a hell of a recipe for falling in love right? Follow these young people as they deal with fear, rejections, prejudices, pain, heartbreak and love.

**Frequent updates so give it a chance!

Disclaimer: This book is about the love story of two boys. It will later contain mature content!

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dabit1234 dabit1234 Jul 20
Wtf lol that fr  was out of no where i had to re-read . like okkkkkkkk
dabit1234 dabit1234 Jul 20
I mixed and some people think it's not hard being mixed which I'll admit not as bad but we still go through the racial discriminations
That's no reason for him to cheat. Don't blame yourself. If he loved you he would have waited till you were ready
dabit1234 dabit1234 Jul 20
Is it bad that when he said since birth i pictured an infant playing tennis 😂😂
Fuxxy_Panda Fuxxy_Panda Dec 20, 2016
I'm black 
                              Put one step out of line and it would seem like you never existed
BOOtySmUT BOOtySmUT Jun 07, 2016
Awe babe you can't be so dependent on people they'll fûck you over