Cousin's Therapy [COMPELETED] (BoyXBoy)

Cousin's Therapy [COMPELETED] (BoyXBoy)

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He glanced down at me,"No problem... But," he smirked,"Your really heavy." 

"Oh, sorry!" I forgot he was even carrying me. 

I stepped out of his arms and walked along with him as we turned the corner to get to our house.

He stepped up to the door. The light shining brightly on his hair.

For the first time. I glanced at his butt, trailed up his back. I glanced at his face as he opened up the door. 

He looked sexy...

In like a boyfriend way.

(After Daniel's Older Cousin Moves In With Him After His Mother Is Arrested For Child Abuse He Find It Harder To Contain His Growing Crush And His Sexuality From Sawyer...)

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hallon-o hallon-o Jun 28
honestly me with my last sofa i was so emotionally attached to, cried when we replaced it with a new bigger one.
F00l4U F00l4U May 26
TMI... but like good to know that people in books actually pee
Geometry was my worst math class.  Pulled through with a B.  Algebra was all A’s but... Geometry... was hell.
Snowy1423 Snowy1423 Jul 13
Americans are lucky as hell, we just have to do all of Maths smushed together for 5 years and just have one big test.
Guys check out my story "suicidal" as well in the romance section. Thanx🙂
Valiancy02 Valiancy02 Aug 16
I would have asked for us to just sleep in one bed TBH, screw two twins