Cousin's Therapy [COMPELETED] (BoyXBoy)

Cousin's Therapy [COMPELETED] (BoyXBoy)

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He glanced down at me,"No problem... But," he smirked,"Your really heavy." 

"Oh, sorry!" I forgot he was even carrying me. 

I stepped out of his arms and walked along with him as we turned the corner to get to our house.

He stepped up to the door. The light shining brightly on his hair.

For the first time. I glanced at his butt, trailed up his back. I glanced at his face as he opened up the door. 

He looked sexy...

In like a boyfriend way.

(After Daniel's Older Cousin Moves In With Him After His Mother Is Arrested For Child Abuse He Find It Harder To Contain His Growing Crush And His Sexuality From Sawyer...)

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tellatubbie26 tellatubbie26 Dec 28, 2018
Waittttttt a second... is sawyer not as straight as he seems🧐🤔🤭
Bookoholic777 Bookoholic777 Sep 28, 2018
lol for a second i thought the plate was glass and i was like wow this boy strong af
loveislame loveislame Oct 13, 2018
Bad question but ok 
                              My frirend asks' me that question and I say horibal
loveislame loveislame Oct 12, 2018
I have an F in math and my mom said she was going to check my grades soon so pray for me please
Bookoholic777 Bookoholic777 Sep 28, 2018
the fact that this simple sentence has 20 comments cracks me up
carmen-nera- carmen-nera- Sep 24, 2018
Alarms are the only reason I wake up and am already regretting the decision of waking up even if there is school in an hour