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Cousin's Therapy [COMPELETED] (BoyXBoy)

Cousin's Therapy [COMPELETED] (BoyXBoy)

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HeyItsMe809 By HeyItsMe809 Completed

He glanced down at me,"No problem... But," he smirked,"Your really heavy." 

"Oh, sorry!" I forgot he was even carrying me. 

I stepped out of his arms and walked along with him as we turned the corner to get to our house.

He stepped up to the door. The light shining brightly on his hair.

For the first time. I glanced at his butt, trailed up his back. I glanced at his face as he opened up the door. 

He looked sexy...

In like a boyfriend way.

(After Daniel's Older Cousin Moves In With Him After His Mother Is Arrested For Child Abuse He Find It Harder To Contain His Growing Crush And His Sexuality From Sawyer...)

HeyItsMe809 HeyItsMe809 Jan 01
Listen, if someone new starts living with you... you would kinda watch them too... like. Especially a cute boy. Come on.!
XPrincess_DarknessX XPrincess_DarknessX Jul 30, 2016
*wipes that one tear* We are gather here today for the disappearance of the best bed you can get. The bed that aloud you to sleep so comfortable. The bed that.. that 
                              I'm sorry I-I can't do this......
                              *stumbles out the room while crying*
I_just_cant_even I_just_cant_even Jul 28, 2016
"How's it going?"
                              Good. Ya know, I was abused by my mom and now both my parents are in jail
sharkisha1230 sharkisha1230 Sep 22, 2016
DAMNNNNN why is Sawyer hotter than Daniel. U know what I'm done!😂😂
ColinSmith07 ColinSmith07 Aug 13, 2016
I love how this book has stuff that others I've read don't. Like how he woke up and peed and he made pizza rolls.
nbrowne44 nbrowne44 Sep 06, 2016
So you hear that someone's been abused &  the first thing you say is..  "Is he cute?" 
                              & what kind of person would tell his best friend somebody else's business like that..  That is private..  Its not like saying "oh my cousin's getting married?"  
                              WTF is wrong with these people???