Bite My Tongue •Fransykes Mpreg•

Bite My Tongue •Fransykes Mpreg•

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Spin off to Break Your Little Heart, you don't have to read that first though this can be a stand alone.


Oli Sykes and Josh Francheschi hate each other passionately, passionately being the key word. When they decide to end their casual relationship something keeps Oli attached to Josh whether he likes it or not. 

Disclaimer: obviously I don't own the bands in this story or anything to do with them. I don't even own the pictures! 

Title Credit: Bite My Tongue by You Me at Six ft. Oli Sykes

I honestly think I get on your nerves because of how much I comment on your books XD
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"I had just taken some ketamine and i was feeling good" ok then Oli
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My mom told me that a friend told her that about me.....I was 10
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*throws phone across room* FFFFUUUUCCCKK.....OOOLLLIIIVVVEEERR!!