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Katie :) By Olafferty Updated 2 years ago
How Do You See Yourself?
    Inside; and Out?
this is really good.  I agree with the people below me ... i've never been obese but i know someone who has been...
I luv it! Living with obeisty is anything but easy. It looks like a really realistic peice!!
This is so true!
                                    I used to be over weight and Those things you listed happened to me except the nightmare.I was thinking of putting up a book abut my life s a fluffy person!
                                    I really love this!I hope more people see it!
This is really good. I love the way you wrote this. Your a really really good writer
this lets others know that they arent alone in how they feel thanks :D good writing to!
*Ouch* It is bad isn't it? People are cruel...but your writing is great!