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Ate Girl ♡ By thebewilderedkid Completed

There's always a rainbow after a storm. There's also a person who could be your rainbow. There's always this one person who could save you from the dark, or even from sorrow. There's always this one person who could be your light, your inspiration, or your greatest friend.

He saves you from your dark past and waits for you for that perfect time to come. Will it be your right time with that person?

// unfeigned - |ˌənˈfeɪnd| - adj: genuine; sincere //

Excited much for this one! For sure it will be another great story from you!!! I'll surely look forward for every update. Thanks ms Author! #TeamRightTimingFTW 💚💚
Idol! Congrats on the new job! ANDDDD on the new story! The Player and The Elastic Heart was the first Jemik fanfic I read and hands down one of the best 😊😘💚
beadeloves beadeloves Feb 29
soo happy ate girl! I'm shocked when I visited your timeline, there is a new story. congrats in advance! always waiting for this ;)
Yay!! Congratulations for your new book and job! 😘😘😘
Wow thanks @thebewilderedkid ❤️❤️❤️ happy hearts day
Yay... kacurious what happened 3 yrs ago.. yaaaahh.. can't wait for the next chaptie! Thanks ms author.. Happy Heart's Day. 😘😘💚💚