Color Of Blood|Arslan Senki Fanfic|

Color Of Blood|Arslan Senki Fanfic|

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Marsychaos By mariru_san Updated Apr 21

With the human technology advancing so fast, it hasn't been long that human can freely explore the universe. 

Year 2XXX, human's fight with extraterrestrial creatures. 

Hachi is one of them. She is a warrior that can be found in the front lines of the continuous war that she was born into but she was unexpectedly assasinated and died.


Hachi found herself in a world she have never seen before but only in book that she had read. 

The past.

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What the!???! I can't even lift 1 inches 5 books and sh-she * dramatically collapse*
This is so awesome! 😍😍😍😍👌🏻 I love it already 🌸
She looks bored, uninterested and sleepy just exactly what I wanted her to look⊙︿⊙
Pretty sure this picture is from One Punch Man and it's the moth(?) lady when she was transforming from getting energy from the other moths.
Cuan-Man Cuan-Man Sep 21, 2016
Guts' reincarnate, I swear.
                              It'd be funnier if it was named Dragonslayer. XD
Cuan-Man Cuan-Man Sep 21, 2016
How teh fcuk is that hunk of metal gonna fit inside another hunk of metal, ignoring the fact can she even pull it out?
                              There's a chain on Dragonslayer that is slung on a hook on the leather belt made to bear it's weight. That's what I recommend.
                              I'm sorry, I'm just a dumb fangirl of Berserk.