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A Slayer's Heart (Smaug's Bane Trilogy) Hobbit/Legolas

A Slayer's Heart (Smaug's Bane Trilogy) Hobbit/Legolas

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IAMAGEEKINGGINGER! By PotterheadElleth Completed

In the treetops I sat watching as the Dwarves as they were overrun by the Giant Spiders of Mirkwood. My bow already drawn at my side, I stared down and waited; now what was to come next. 
Swiftly the Dwarves were not the only ones battling these eight-legged beasts. Form the corner of my eye I recognised the tall figure battling the spiders among my companions. His long blonde hair glistened in the dim light of the forest as he slid under the spider which had approached Thorin and sliced it in half with a flick of his daggers. Then aimed it at the Dwarven Prince's face, while some more of his kin surrounded the rest of the Dwarves. 
"Do not think I won't kill you, Dwarf. It would be my pleasure."
Fearlessly I leapt from my branch, and spun elegantly through the air. I land with my head down, knees bent beneath me and bow loaded. As I rose I spoke in a low, regal voice that rang through the trees. 
"Likewise, Princeling. I would leave my companions alone now before you do something that you regret.
Authiel Galadhrim arrived at Bag End, Hobbiton on the same night as the Thirteen Dwarves and Gandalf the Grey; that was no coincidence. As the fifteenth member of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield they left the safety of the Shire. 
Several months later after fleeing from her mortal Enemy, Azog the Defiler, with the company she finds herself nearing Erebor and the desolation of Smaug. 
Her mind knows the task that she must complete; ending the drake from the North and the brute who destroyed her family line. However will this Slayer's heart find itself distracted as she spends more time among her kin and the bond with her companions develops; can she risk everything to save the men of the Lake? Or will the storm of blood and pain over take her completely. 

Will things go according to plan or will an old enemy of all step back into the light?
Who will survive? 
What does the Slayer's heart say?

Tamc4t Tamc4t Feb 09, 2016
Love it. And can't believe i was the first to read it. Can't wait for more
fiction_lover123 fiction_lover123 Feb 16, 2016
I love it, everytime I see one of your updates, I immeadietely click on it, and I"m  never dissapointed, can't wait for the next one!
Jkananil32 Jkananil32 Feb 16, 2016
Love it ❤️❤️❤️
                              I can't wait for Legolas. Hope you can update soon😄
nenecas2001 nenecas2001 Feb 15, 2016
Awesome chapter
                              I can't wait for her to *meet* Legolas
                              . Though I did find a loophole. You only said there had to be seven comments. you didn't say they couldn't be from the same user.