Hidden Identity

Hidden Identity

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SIMSIMIIIIII By BatangAuthorNaMonggi Updated Jul 15

There live in a peaceful place where no one can destroy.

There was a girl who's name was Deliane. People loved her because she was fair to all of them. She did not keep her riches to herself. She often shared food and things with the needy in that peaceful place. Though, her eyes were cold as how the weather of their village shows.

People in that village have been bothered by their weird nature. Their village was hidden in the public due to their weird nature because supposed to be they have only 4 climate changes. But they had an unexpected one. Not knowing that one of them already know what's going on.

When Deliane's father had died. She has changed a lot. Physically and emotionally. But still she has a good heart for her neighbors. She felt pain because the people in the village was slowly dying. And her option for saving and preventing the continuous dying was leaving that place. Because she's the reason of their painful sacrifices. She can't do anything YET. She blamed herself.

Kawaii~ The Prologue Is So Pretty And Its Interesting I Do Like This Start From The Title 8-) I Really Do Support This Story
Hey! I love your prologue! :DDD yeah. Mabuti ka pa, 13 palang ang galing mo na sa English. XD Nice plot din! :DDD
Ito po bang 'Hidden Identity'? Kung hindi po ito, paki sabi na lang po nung title at handang handa po akong basahin yun! Madami po akong extra time magbasa! Just say the title and I'll read it right away and support your story! ^___^ nga pala, ganda nitong prologue ah! I like it po!
Oh Maganda Naman Po Yung 1-3 Chapters Eh Ang  Daming Emotionally Happens And Hope Nga Na Walabf Kumopya