One shot fantasy collection 2 🔞 ..Mature content!

One shot fantasy collection 2 🔞 ..Mature content!

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The-undiscovered-one By The-undiscovered-one Completed

A variety of one shot erotica .... 


All stories will contain explicit sexual content and strong language. 

I will aim to cover a wide range of sexual fantasies/preferences/styles

Any abusive or inappropriate comments will be removed and reported, so please don't waste your time!

If you are offended by this style of writing/genre PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

None of the stories hereafter bare any resemblance to any persons living or dead, or any real life events! Nor do they relate to me (The Author) in any way, shape or form! 

Not every story will be your cup of tea (not every story is mine) please simply move on to one that is without complaint, and except that everyone is different!

There will be a short summary before the start of each one, so no need to read any further than your comfortable with.

Any copying of material contained in these pages by any means without permission from myself (the author) is considered an illegal offence and WILL be punishable by law. Copyright © 2016

Most importantly .... Enjoy!

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Taii1021 Taii1021 Sep 30
Is Ashley your personal ex? Because you really don't seem to like him 😂😂😂
the smiley is okay it's just the exclamation points kinda ruin the middle
LilithWolfe LilithWolfe Dec 01
This paragraph needs some serious help. It doesn’t read well at all.
Seriously, thx for putting in if it's straight or not. I always have to wait till the sex part to confirm😂😂😂 btw i don't hav3 anything against gay stuff
Umm. Calm tf down before you be lookin at the devil. Keep up
Is it that hard to say "he's" instead of his? Or have a period instead of an explanation point?