Missed Me?

Missed Me?

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~Kristina_Writes~ By Kristina_Writes11 Updated Sep 25

When Jace Herondale cheats on Clary Fray, she ran away from the institute and disappeared like the wind. After 3 years, she came back to help with demon problems but she's different. She became much more stronger, braver and prettier. 

Will Jace be able to win her heart back? Will she ever fall in love again? Or will she fall for someone who used to despise her. Someone like.....Alec. 

None of these characters belong to me. They belong to Cassandra Clare. This is my first fanfiction I started with and if there are anybody who complains about the ships here, I suggest you don't read this book. Any hate comments will be deleted immediately.

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I'm only at boom number 2, so... Are we going to see Emma in one of the books?
duh_dramma_queen duh_dramma_queen 5 days ago
I'm speech less jace is such a cheater I hope he kills him self I want to read the full story and find out what she does  when she returns to NY I hope she kicks his butt
Hermiones_twin Hermiones_twin Jul 16, 2016
Thank you for the update. This story is great so far! I can't wait to read more!
Abi_Dauntless Abi_Dauntless Jul 16, 2016
Omg please update I NEED to see Jaces reaction when he sees Clary.
shipsnshit shipsnshit Jan 06
I was reading Lady Midnight in target and when I read "Carstairs" I died. Literally Car- stairs it's hilariously paradoxical. 😂
Ooooh looks like Jace is in for a huge shock of surprise, loving this so far I can't wait to read the rest 😁