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How did this even happen? (Ohshc x reader)

How did this even happen? (Ohshc x reader)

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Fuzzy By Fuzzybob86 Updated Jul 10, 2016

   Your name is Faji Chigo. Your parents both died whilst on a business trip. You were not that rich and were considered a 'commoner'. You were amazing at the musical artsy stuff and had short boyish blond hair with bright/dark blue eyes (it depended on your mood) and hated girly things. You didn't care what other people thought about you which made you that more fabulous.  The picture above is you. You and Haruhi had been best friends since grade school and often were at her and 'Ranka' s place due to your parents being dead. You had also been on the swim team since you were 7 and loved the water. You and Haruhi both applied to ouran, you with your musical abilities and Haruhi with her smarts. See what happens when you arrive and a certain vase gets smashed...

SRRY for such a short chapter this just the intro to the character 
                                         ~fuzzybob <3

HeyoItzBeetle HeyoItzBeetle Jun 18, 2017
This is familiar...*thinks of time when her sister said she broke a vase at home and thinks of Haruhi*
SocietyAllergic SocietyAllergic Jun 29, 2017
You DO know this is an OHSHC x OC not x reader, right?
                               ( 0 - 0 ; )
This is OC not reader, man you should really change the title... I was hoping for a good X READER story
Sugar_-_Rush Sugar_-_Rush Sep 16, 2017
wat......*looks at the name* do you pronounce that?
SocietyAllergic SocietyAllergic Oct 03, 2017
Uhh... excuse me, but this ain't any "X reader". This is an "X OC". Please, do correct the title and don't scam any more people.
BladesFemme BladesFemme Jan 12, 2017
Uhm...this isn't an x reader if you make up the readers name, hair colour, eye colour ext. ...