Soul-mate [Collab Draft v. 1.1]

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Alex By Noroikun Updated 2 years ago
The end of the world.  It has always been fantasied by movie makers and writers, but no one knows what will really happen.  But The Maker.  The Maker knows.  And he doesn’t like what he sees.  Just as it did the last 6 times, the world will come to an end at the hands of The Iocus, for he has risen once more. Only this time, he’s using the one thing that has changed after the 6,000 years he last rose.  Technology.  That is why the Akari exist.  To counter the growing threats of The Iocus.
omg the name of the boy translated into english means CURSE!!! It is also the name of a character in one of my stories
@Noroikun no problem i am such a fan of this story you are a really talented writer
kiyoko came around and they were all happy he and she werent dead