Naughty Bits

Naughty Bits

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Rum Queen By roxybx Updated Jun 25, 2016

Private chapter of 'The Devil Inside'. 

If you are having trouble reading this, try following me before adding this to your library

It goes without saying that the content within contains material not suitable for under 18's, read at your own risk. 

Anyone want to guess who the naughty boy pictured is going to be?.... 

... I'll give you hint....he's just had one heck of a promotion and he's got a thing about his sword.....:)

Chapter should be posted Tuesday 9th Feb

Galliford27 Galliford27 Feb 10, 2016
Yeah, seriously.. it's just my new toothbrush.. 😂 Hella what we've been waiting for.
Dark_Spaces Dark_Spaces Feb 11, 2016
It's 11:50 at night, I must look like a crazy person while smiling s'damn hard.😏
CarlaRibeiros CarlaRibeiros Feb 11, 2016
WOW i am truly in awe :) so perfect...this is how a union should be :) much like the union on the film "Meet Joe Black"...loooove it!!!!
                              And a word of advise...Boys always treat you lady first ok? Please :)
LunarCasa LunarCasa May 14, 2016
It would be a shame to humanity if this book wasn't published.
chaneldjojo chaneldjojo Feb 10, 2016
I don't know how you do it,it's like I can picture them making love and feel it. Is that weird? Truly remarkable with your words.
jahchannah jahchannah Feb 10, 2016
A beautiful union fitting a beautiful are so talented...