The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors

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Lives for the sin By maichan13 Updated Jun 21

A explosion has wiped 99% of the world's population off the map. Or did it really? People are coming back but not as humans but disgusting corpses. Deformed and mutated. The explosion happened to be somewhat nuclear.

Felix, Mark, Jack, and Cry survived. It's a miracle for them but they must face dangerous horrifying fates to stay alive.

The four are terrified but they must overcome the fear. None off them want to see each other died but it all depends on fate and what the future wants to bring to them.

Yes, Jack! Finish the question! If course you should go out with Markimoo! You two are perfect for each other, Jackaboy!
Loving this book! Being the fangirling fan, I can't help but FANGIRLLLL!
Omfg i already love this story and its only the first chapter... yes this fanfic is that amazing to me... i <3 this fanfic LIKE A BOSS!!!!
RoseSoRight RoseSoRight Feb 15
Oh my god. Not only is the great but that picture is killing! Who did it
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                              BOMBS ARE FALLING ON MONDAY MORNI-
                              *gets hit by a bomb*
I am gonna make a book with the same cover I found it on the internet don't worry it won't be based of yours