° Define Spy Girl ° || SEVENTEEN's S.Coups Fanfic || °

° Define Spy Girl ° || SEVENTEEN's S.Coups Fanfic || °

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Scarlet Lee By MinScarlet Updated Sep 02

She's a girl that lost her family in the blink of eye without hints with a sudden conflicts.

She use two identities in order to find her family back.

As Jung Jae In.

"I don't know anymore, Jackson. They are nowhere." - Min Sena //Jung Jae In

"Erm Hello? Do you by any chance know Min Yoongi?" - ?

"Who's Sena? Jae In? You lie to me, lie to us, all this time?" - S.coups.

"I'm here for you, meimei. Gege is here for you." - Jackson.

"Spies? My parents were spies?" -Min Sena.

Martial arts, fighting training, gun training, all have been train on her by her agency. She use it as a chance to find her family back.

"None of you will receive any happiness." -Im JaeJin.

"Sena, I love you please." - S.coups.

"I'm sorry." 


ahngeiiii ahngeiiii Jun 01
Oh my gahhhhhh!!! It's like chapter 2 and your story got me hyped up like ahsgrgufjfnfjcj
KimMuk2 KimMuk2 Mar 12
I think your story is interesting^^ I'll read it untill last part. Please write a story again <3
Every time I see Im Jaejin I read it as I'm Jaejin... I laughed at the part where I read it accidentally as I'm Jaeshit... Lol