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Society. Collapsed. The Plague. Hit. Killed 1000's. 

Sabrina is 15 years old. The plague hit, and killed off her family. The plague killed thousands to millions of people. Now with very little people left, girls like Sabrina, whose families have died off, have been kidnapped and taken to a facility. It takes teenage girls, and forced them to be pregnant and repopulate the world. There is no escape from this. The only way out is death or 3 miscarriages. What will Sabrina do to get out, and live a normal life?

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-orworseexpelled- -orworseexpelled- Jul 07, 2016
Yeah as Ashley said, it's literally the same exact book. Plague thing and all. So that's odd to say the least
Ashley_Bashy Ashley_Bashy Jun 27, 2016
Is this a fanfic for Breeder Nation cause the concept is exactly the same?
RedWingDemon RedWingDemon Dec 16, 2016
Know what I would do to escape one word:
                              ABORTION I wouldn't birth a kid into that kind of world
Cheesy_Bread Cheesy_Bread Sep 27, 2016
You don't carry triplets for 9 don't even carry twins for 9 months. Lol. Did you do any research?
                              Either way, love the story! Its so funny and sad.
The concept is super cool, but I would definitely not recommend using another book as a reference point in your story. "Like in the book divergent." It takes away from the world you're trying to build