Toxic Secrets

Toxic Secrets

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▲♠▼ By thaliacaldwell Updated Apr 13, 2016

Honestly, Stiles was naive to think he could hide such a big part of his life from the people he loves most in the world. He regrets his decision when the people in that part of his life are threatened. 

Or, Stiles is a demigod and his pack finds out in a way he certainly didn't imagine. His sister isn't supposed to be the one who helps him out with things like that. Alas, the demigods are threatened and they may need more help than they originally signed up for. 


Okay, but what if when Alison died Artemis was like "ooooh young lady, won't be missed, oh dearest hades can she be one of my hunters as long as she doesn't encounter anyone from her past life"
Did anyone see Cloudy with a chance of meetballs? That's what I immediately thought🙄😂
So three hunters of Artemis, one of them has to be Thalia. Stiles, your sister is in town.
Don't you mean Heracles Stiles?
                              You're a Greek demigod not a Roman one
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LilaBookish LilaBookish Apr 14
I hope is Juniper, I know it won't be but like her hitting a chimera with a baseball bat wearing an activism shirt? Yes please