The Russian Prince

The Russian Prince

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Kariscia  By nerdyflirtykari Completed

He never saw himself as one of the greatest wolves to their kind, their powerful prince. 

He was considered as an outcast by his own blood and a recluse to the world, Nikolai allowed himself to become just that till he found her, the woman who had the power to make him smile once more.

His Princess

What he didn't expect were the secrets and betrayal by his own family came, with her appearance in his life.

***Can be read by it, if you wish to know family. You can start with The Last Royal. (Not good at story info)

This is the saddest opening ever :( first this little sienna and now Emma and micheal! 😫😫😭
chutshela chutshela Mar 15
I' ve never cried this much reading a story but Emma has grown on me, i can't help to feel the pain of loosing her. Long live the Queen aka the white wolf
InfinityM07 InfinityM07 Apr 06, 2016
Why, why Emma snd Micheal had to go, why?!! 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭
VHThompson VHThompson Oct 08, 2016
I don't know why...but I really like how you wrote this. It makes me think of how a TV or movie does it. It's great because then I can really picture it like one in my head.
sbeydoun sbeydoun Jul 09, 2016
I honestly don't really like his name... but it won't stop me from reading the books
VHThompson VHThompson Oct 08, 2016
Yes! I'm so glad my Spanish is just good enough to understand what they're saying. Ugh I really should have learned when my mom wanted me to as a child.